29 12 / 2012

Many relationships between lovers are never a smooth running affair and may at times head in the wrong way without any rescue. Relationship is established on mutual love and when it is lost, relationship fails indefinitely. However much lovers try to be together, it might be apparent that the whole relationship affair is bound to fail eventually. Some of these reasons are clear while others are subjective and they are discussed below in finer details.

Infidelity within the relationship is one of the most destroyers of relationships amongst the youths. When lovers are outside a relationship, for example when they are not together for some time, they tend to be emotionally and physically weak and thus break the promises of being together and as such, they indulge with other friends through intimacy. Obvious when the other partner discovers the affair, he or she will eventually opt to end the relationship. Other lovers will not even try to tolerate the infidel partner any longer thus ending the relationship automatically.

For mutual growth in relationship, there must a good flow of communication between the partners. Lovers who were able to communicate well for long time even on phone call may find themselves unable to proceed for long communicating or even no communication at all after sometime. This creates cold war between them and as such, it causes a rift in a relationship. The relationship will be over because no one is willing to listen to the other.

Sometimes whenever partners in a relationship are not willing to accommodate their opinions and views, one of them might easily be physically and emotionally abusive against the other party. If this is a continuous state whereas when the abused party is not in a position to calm the other one, he or she may opt to leave the relationship. Therefore, abuse is common in many relationships but it is subject to negotiation. Abuse cannot fulfill prowess, respect, and love in a relationship.

While Relationship is intended for commitment between two lovers, lovers may get bored with each as time goes. This is due to the sexual incompatibility. Research findings show that partners will begin to get bored with the other after a while and as such he or she begins to get outside the marriages for sexual satisfaction. Therefore, relationship may be ended by mutual agreement because each one them has noticed the incompatibility.

Where there are differences between the partners, it may be apparent that they are irreconcilable in the long run. This is bound to fail a relationship because it will be difficult to agree on expectations in the future as it is common knowledge to everyone that the previous mistakes have not yet been settled. If these differences persist for long time, it can go out of hand and as such, it likely to cause conflicts in the relationship therefore ending the affair automatically.

Finally, religion and cultural differences plays a crucial role in a relationship. Sometimes partners may court themselves without a prior knowledge of culture and religious requirements of the other partner. So upon discovery, there emerge some differences that will make the relationship not to sail through. Read this article to know all the reasons and how you can avoid them.

A good example is the Muslim and Christian partners’ relationship affair. This will eventually terminate the relationship affair and there will be no room for come back.

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