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Many people would wish to know how to get over feelings for ex since it would save them a lot of heartache. This is because they spend a lot of time mulling over what would have been when the object of depression has swiftly moved on with her life.

Hence, when you are confronted by this emotional challenge, there are a number of things you would need to do just to ensure that you get over her and move on with your life like you should.

The first thing you would wish to do if you wish to get over these feelings is to admit that the relationship is indeed over. When you have broken up with her and have tried to get her back in vain, trying over and over again makes you look like a whipped dog to her.

You need to accept and respect her decision and move on with your life. In any case you can always get the true love of your life if you take the time to concentrate on moving on.

Also, if might help you to imagine her in the arms of another man. This is a trick which has worked for a number of people. Each time you think of the memories you built together, flip the coin on its other side and imagine enjoying the ministrations of another lover.

If you are still wondering how this will help you get over feeling for ex, the natural instinct of jealousy and pride in you will show you how.

But on the other hand, if you still love her so much and want to rekindle the relationship then why not find out more about it? You can find many helpful guides online. (Of course getting back with your ex girlfriend is totally dependent on you and your situation)

Getting over feelings for your ex may be as simple as avoiding communication with her. Those Christmas messages you send her can take a break until you are completely healed from the failed relationship.

In short, you need to avoid any situation that may remind you about her over and over. This might also mean that you avoid being in a place where you two can meet. You definitely still have friends known to both of you. If attending a certain party organized by any of them will bring back the memories you wish to get over, you are better off avoiding the party in the first place.

Doing things you love will also keep you from remembering her if getting back your ex is not a priority. You may know how to get your ex-girlfriend back but have decided that the relationship was not meant to be. It still can be bothersome to you especially if she is a person you had been terribly fond of. Immersing yourself in sports or those hobbies that you enjoy can help you a great deal.

If all these strategies do not seem to work, you might wish to talk to someone. There are counseling services which can come in handy for your circumstances. Be sure to take with seriousness all the advice you are given. When you talk the problems out with someone, you will feel much better. However, this does not have to mean trashing those memories you made with her.

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Would you like to know how win your ex back? There have been so many tips and strategies written on how you can get back together with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. But most of these are just attempts in vain. To ensure that you can rekindle the romance with your ex, you need to follow these golden rules.


If you keep doing what you are doing, you won’t achieve anything! Make an extra effort to get your ex back, especially if you were the one who did something to break the relationship. You have to change your tactics. First, you need to start within yourself. Accept the fact that the relationship is over. But don’t get into the blame game. It will be more effective for you to start over with a clear head.

This therefore leads to the #1 rule on getting back with your ex - give them space and time. The other person might still be hurting and this is why they need time. It does not necessarily mean that they want you out of their life for good. They just need the temporary space to think things over and evaluate where your relationship stands. Being too pushy to try and get back together can only annoy them further, which could be detrimental in your cause for getting back together.

The rule #2 on to win your ex boyfriend or girlfriend back is to inspire curiosity and interest towards yourself. An important warning though: you need to enter into this with a plan. One technique that experts recommend is to make yourself feel or look “scarce”.

Try to make them feel as if they will lose out big time if they did not get back with you. Also, you can make them realize what you once had and how good it was. Always take control of the situation. But make sure that you do them genuinely, and not like an act.

When you go through a break-up and you want to win the ex back, it is not about your thoughts and feelings anymore. Rather, it is about the thoughts and feelings of your ex! Look back on the tips recommended above.

Make sure that you have built a fool proof plan on how you are going to handle this and any unpredictable challenges that might come along. To make it easier, learn how to set the right conditions so you two can get back together. But don’t rush it. Let it grow on its own!

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What Is Unconditional Love? Love vs. Infatuation, Attraction vs. Love - know all of them here - http://www.loveblab.com/true-love-signs

What Is Unconditional Love? Love vs. Infatuation, Attraction vs. Love - know all of them here - http://www.loveblab.com/true-love-signs

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29 12 / 2012

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